Estonia to the UN Security Council 2020-2021

  • Estonia is running for the non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for 2020-2021
  • Estonia, a first time candidate, believes that all UN members should have the opportunity to participate in creating stability and security through Security Council membership.
  • Estonia, a small country, will bring a small state perspective and act as an advocate for their common interests in the activities of the Security Council.
  • Estonia, an innovative nation, is committed to sharing  its experience and best practices in efficient governance and creative e-solutions.
  • Estonia will strive towards greater accountability, coherence, and transparency of the Council’s activities through increased inclusiveness and targeted action.
  • Estonia underscores that conflict prevention needs more attention and resources within the UN system, and will work towards increased Security Council efforts dedicated to this end.
  • Estonia advocates responsibility, a key premise for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals that are vital to drive economic growth, eradicate poverty and preserve the environment.
  • Estonia believes that everyone has the right to respect and dignity, and will continue to actively participate in peacekeeping, invest in development and provide humanitarian aid.

Campaign video