Explanation of Vote by DPR Andre Lipand on the UNSC Draft Resolution on Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan

Estonia welcomes the adoption of this resolution on Afghanistan today.

We firmly believe that it is the obligation of the Security Council to respond to the needs of the people of Afghanistan, which are increasingly grave and urgent, and the requests of the humanitarian community who are active there.

By adopting this resolution, the Council has emphasized their expectation to the Taliban to respect and uphold the norms and standards of international law, including international human rights law, and constitutional protections for the rights of all persons in Afghanistan, particularly women, girls and persons belonging to minorities.

The Council has stressed that the accrual of any benefits to individuals or entities designated on the 1988 Sanctions List, whether as a result of direct provision or diversion, must be avoided. The mechanisms herein are established just for that – to guarantee that any exemptions would not benefit those under sanctions, but would instead help aid reach those most in need – the Afghan people.

Estonia’s elected membership and penholdership in the Council is ending shortly. However, our long term priority of supporting the people of Afghanistan will continue also after our duties in the Council have ended.

I thank you, Mr President.