Explanation of Vote on a UN Security Council Draft Resolution on Climate and Security

Estonia voted in favour of the draft resolution presented today by Ireland and Niger and co-sponsored by clear majority of the UN membership because the effects of climate change pose a serious threat to international peace and security, to stability and in some cases even to the existence of states.  We firmly believe that the United Nations Security Council has a critical role to play in responding to climate-related security risks.

Therefore, the outcome of today’s vote is disappointing.

The draft resolution presented would have ensured more structured and systematic approach and created the necessary tools to enable the UN to do its part in preventing and resolving conflicts that are driven by the effects of climate change.

We know there is no credible answer from those Council members who have chosen to ignore these challenges posing a threat to international peace and security which is the Security Council´s primary responsibility.

By adopting this resolution, the UN Security Council  would have sent a strong message to thousands of Pacific Islanders from across the Blue Pacific who have been repeatedly saying that climate change is the most persistent and gravest threat to peace and security in their regions and we would have shown all others, most vulnerable to the affects of climate change, that their voices are heard.

While Estonia´s term as an elected member of the UN Security Council is soon coming to an end we reiterate the importance of keeping this most important topic on the Security Council’s agenda and weigh on the conscience of other current and incoming members to continue to do so.

I thank you, Mr President!