Explanation of Vote at the Security Council on the resolution on Libya

Presented by Gert Auväärt, Deputy Permanent Representative

Estonia supported the adoption of a Security Council resolution to endorse the Berlin Conference conclusions. The positive momentum achieved in Berlin needed to be enhanced and solidified, and this is what the resolution does.

We thank the UK and Germany for their work and patience in leading the negotiations over the past three and a half weeks. A process that should have taken far less time considering the actual urgency of the situation on the ground in Libya.

The core message of the resolution is clear:
Number one, the foreign interference in the conflict and the blatant violations to the arms embargo must stop, as agreed in Berlin.
Number two, the parties to the conflict need to agree on an immediate and lasting ceasefire, which is the basis for any further steps towards sustainable peace in Libya.
And, last but by far not the least, the international efforts in Libya need to be led by the UN. Estonia fully supports SRSG Salamé’s three step plan and his mediation between the Libyan parties.

We need a united Security Council to send a clear signal to the parties involved in the Libyan conflict as well as to the Libyan people suffering from the conflict every day by implementing what has been agreed in Berlin and here today. Let’s not fail them!


In favor of the resolution – 14 (including Estonia)
Abstention – 1 (Russia)