Statement by Ambassador Sven Jürgenson at UN Security Council briefing on UNAMI

Thank you Mr. President,

I thank the briefers for their statements.

The parliamentary elections on 10 October marked an important commitment by the people of Iraq to the democratic principles and a significant step on the path towards Iraq’s stability. We commend the Iraqi people for this commitment, regardless of the various challenges facing the country.

We also commend the Iraqi Government and the Independent High Electoral Commission for holding technically well-managed, largely peaceful and orderly elections and welcome the role of UNAMI in supporting the Iraqi authorities throughout this process.

Estonia welcomes the historic development of having the highest percentage of women elected to the Iraqi parliament. This is an especially noteworthy feat, when taking into consideration the election-related incidents of violence and defamatory rhetoric, which the female candidates, among others, were subject to.

We reiterate our strong condemnation of the assassination attempt against Prime Minister Kadhimi on 7 November. We call on the Iraqi authorities to bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice.

Mr President, it is essential that all political parties and other actors accept the election results and address any possible claims for irregularities through the relevant legal procedures. We look forward to a peaceful and constructive dialogue and the timely formation of an inclusive government, addressing the needs and aspirations of all Iraqis.

We hope that the next Government will continue on the path of implementing economic reforms, fighting corruption and ensuring state control over all armed forces, in order to respond to the legitimate calls of the Iraqi people for improving the socio-economic situation, governance and long-term stability of the country.

Regarding the reports of continued attacks against demonstrators, political activists and journalists, we once again call the Iraqi authorities for increased efforts to ensure accountability for those responsible for the violations and to safeguard the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

Concerning relations between Baghdad and Erbil, we encourage both governments to fully implement the Federal Budget Law and to intensify efforts to reach an agreement on other outstanding issues, as this would contribute to the stability of the whole country.

Finally, I would like to reiterate our appreciation to the Iraqi Government for a constructive engagement on the issue of irregular crossing of migrants from Belarus to the European Union. Estonia strongly condemns instrumentalisation of migration and using vulnerable human beings to advance political goals.

I thank you.