Statement by Ambassador Sven Jürgenson at UN Security Council consultations on RES 2532 and RES 2565

I thank the briefers for their interventions.

For Estonia, the biggest worry continues to be the hindering of humanitarian assistance. Enabling full, safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance remains crucial for the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccines. All of us must keep on asking the parties to conflicts to allow humanitarian workers do their job.

We have to do a better job with communicating what happens if vaccines will not get to people. The mutations keep on coming and none of us is safe from them, exactly showing why we all must keep on pushing for more. It is visible again with Omicron, how travel restrictions can be reinstated in a blink of an eye. The travel restrictions and economic downfalls hurt us all and cause more grievances in countries with less opportunities. It is a vicious circle.

In this regard, I reiterate Estonia’s unwavering support to Secretary-General’s call for global ceasefire. In March last year, none of us thought that the virus stays with us for such a long time. Now that we still live with it, it is even more important to gather momentum, again, for the call for a global ceasefire. We must be more vocal about it to help reach the 40% vaccination coverage goal by the end of the year. Now we can read different opinions on how pandemic could lead to estimates of 15 new or resumed conflicts by 2030. We cannot allow that to happen. We can still prevent these conflicts.

Thank you