Statement by DPR Gert Auväärt at UN Security Council VTC meeting on Haiti

I thank Special Representative of the Secretary General Helen La Lime and Ms Vivianne Roc for informative briefings today and for their valuable work. I also warmly welcome the presence of His Excellency President Jovenel Moïse.

Estonia is concerned about the lack of political stability in Haiti.

In this critical time more effort and responsibility is required from all parties to demonstrate their political will. We call all political actors to resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue.

The elections process and announcement of the electoral calendar constitutes the opportunity that should be wisely used to overcome long lasting political crisis and restore democracy and stability in Haiti. It is crucial that the referendum on the constitutional amendments in April as well as legislative and presidential elections later this year will be conducted peacefully. The success of the elections needs good technical preparation, especially critical is to ensure the smooth process of citizen registration.

At the same time, it is important to improve the security situation. Recent reports about the rising level of violence, killings, kidnappings and gang-related criminality is extremely worrisome. We welcome the appointment of the new Director-General ad interim. We encourage to redouble the efforts in order to stop gang-related criminal activities. It is important to protect an already shrinking civic space by ensuring that people engaging in the public debate can do so without endangering their lives and security.

We recognize the efforts of the General Inspectorate of the Haitian National Police to investigate the allegations. However, while some law enforcement officials have received administrative sanctions as a result of misconduct, the judiciary has yet to hold Haitian National Police officers accountable, despite the several criminal investigations opened in recent years. We remain concerned by the lack of progress in judicial investigations of emblematic Grand-Ravine, La Saline, Bel Air and other cases. Judicial staff and prosecutors’ strikes seriously affected the right of access to justice. Detention conditions remain dire, despite sustained efforts by stakeholders to improve them.

We stress the importance of enhancing accountability and call on the Government of Haiti to improve the justice system and ensure that all cases are properly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

We urge the government to adopt the National Action Plan on Human Rights, which has been pending since 2019.


Madame President,

To conclude, I would like to thank Special Representative Helen La Lime and her team for their tireless work. We remain hopeful that continued efforts of all parties will bring a better future for Haiti. The Haitian people deserve a stable state with democracy, the rule of law and sustainable development.

Thank you, Madame President!