UN Security Council Press Elements on Yemen

On 3 June 2021, the Executive Director of the UN Environmental Programme, Inger Andersen, and OCHA’s Director of Operations and Advocacy, Reena Ghelani, briefed the Security Council about the increasing environmental and humanitarian risks posed by the decaying Safer oil tanker located in the Houthi controlled territory of Yemen.

The members of the Security Council reiterated Houthi responsibility for the situation and their extreme concern at the growing risk that the Safer oil tanker could rupture or explode, causing an environmental, economic, maritime and humanitarian catastrophe for Yemen and the region. This could further threaten and worsen the situation in Yemen and the region.

The members of the Security Council noted that the Houthis signaled their acceptance of United Nations technical experts deploying to the tanker on 5 July 2020, and expect this deployment to happen as soon as possible.

The members of the Security Council, noted ongoing discussions and stressed the need to urgently resolve outstanding issues and called on the Houthis to facilitate unconditional and safe access for UN experts to conduct a comprehensive and impartial assessment and initial repair mission, without further delay, ensuring close cooperation with the United Nations.