US deputy assistant secretary of state to visit Estonia

TALLINN, Feb 01, BNS – Rosemary DiCarlo, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for southern Central Europe, will represent the US State Department at a meeting of foreign and defense ministers of Adriatic and Baltic Charter states in Tallinn next week.

Foreign and defense ministers of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and the United States have been invited to the meeting on February 5-6.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry told BNS that the multilateral meetings in the framework of the event would address Western Balkan regional security issues and their influence on European security in wider terms.

Activity of Albania, Croatia and Macedonia, Western Balkan countries that have acceded to the NATO membership action plan, and their further development towards NATO membership will also be addressed.

Plans and expectations for cooperation with NATO of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, countries invited to accede to the NATO partnership for peace program at the Riga summit, will come under discussion as well.

There will be multilateral meetings between the foreign and defense ministers on Monday, with working meetings and a joint session and press conference of the foreign and defense ministers taking place on Tuesday.

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