Mission staff and contacts


Telephone: +1 212 883 0640
E-mail: Mission.NewYork@mfa.ee
Fax: +1 646 514 0099

3 Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza,
305 East 47th Street,
6th Floor, Suite 6B, New York, NY 10017

Press contact

Liisa Toots
+1 (646) 659 6557

Mission Staff

H.E. Mr. Sven Jürgenson
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the United Nations

Andre Lipand
Deputy Permanent Representative; Afghanistan

Kristel Lõuk
Security Council Political Coordinator

Maris Riisenberg
Security Council Deputy Political Coordinator; Counter Terrorism Committee

Katri Lõhmus
1st Committee – Disarmament and international security; Security Council – non-proliferation, disarmament, chemical weapons, North-Korea, Iran (JCPOA), cybersecurity

Endrik Raun
2nd Committee – Development, environment, economy and finance; humanitarian and development aid, UN procurements; UN elections; Security Council – Youth, Peace and Security, hunger and conflict, epidemics, South Sudan

Helen Kaljuläte
3rd Commitee – Human rights; Women, Peace and Security, child protection in conflicts, sexual violence in conflicts, protection of journalists in conflicts, protection of civilians in conflicts, internet freedom

Mikk Rebane
4th Commitee – Special political and decolonization; Security Council – Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Yemen, Iraq (incl. Sanctions Committee), Golan, Ethiopia

Anneli Lepp
5th Commitee – Administrative and budgetary matters; Security Council – East Africa, Somalia, Sudan (incl. Sanctions Committees), Eritrea, Kenya; Piracy

Merje Mägi
6th Commitee; Legal Advisor; UNODC, mediation, prevention

Liisa Toots 
Press and Communication, UN funds and programmes

Kristel Kaeval
Security Council Sanctions Coordinator

Tiina Paju
Security Council – North Africa, Libya; West Africa, UNOWAS, Western Sahara, Mali, Sahel, Lake Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Ad Hoc Working Group on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa, Peacebuilding

Renāte Rūse-Auziņa
Security Council – Burundi, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Cyprus (UNFICYP)

Anneli Leega Piiskop
General Assembly Plenary; Security Council – Americas and the Caribbean, the Pacific, South-Asia (Myanmar), Climate and security

Rena Tasuja
General Assembly, Security Council – Ukraine, Georgia, frozen conflicts in Europe, Western Balkans, UN-EU cooperation, UN-OSCE cooperation, Afghanistan and Taliban Sanction Committee, UNRCCA; Migration

Peeter Raudsik
Security Council – Syria, Iran, Lebanon, ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida, UNITAD

Colonel Aivar Salekešin
Military adviser (MSC, Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations (C34), SSR, Action for Peace), Peacekeeping

Paul Kuldkepp
Administration of the Representation (maintenance, supply and other service work, vehicle maintenance, driving)

Tea Izzo

Siiri Lind