Statement by Ambassador Sven Jürgenson at the Arria formula meeting on Haiti

Thank you, Mr President,

We would like to thank all the briefers for their informative and valuable interventions today.

Mr President,

We are deeply concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian, political and security situation in Haiti. The serious challenges that the country faces need to be addressed. The primary responsibility to work on the long-term causes of instability and inequality lies with the Government of Haiti.

We welcome the political agreement achieved by the Prime Minister Ariel Henry on 11 September to ensure credible elections in 2022. This is the first and an important step towards overcoming this long-lasting crisis. All political actors and stakeholders need to set aside their differences and pursue a positive outcome. Inclusive dialogue is needed to move the political process forward and reach a national consensus – this is a key to restoring political and institutional stability.

Also, it is important to recognize the importance of full, equal and meaningful participation of women in decision-making as well as the inclusion of youth. There are still notable barriers to a fully inclusive political process at all levels. It is also essential to consult and engage the civil society, including women’s organisations.

The security situation remains worrisome as the gangs’ control of the country has worsened the situation steadily. This has allowed an upsurge in kidnappings for ransom in Port-au-Prince and in the provinces. We condemn all human rights violations and acts of violence, especially the increase of kidnappings, trafficking of children, killings and rapes. Gang-related criminal activities must stop. The police forces need to be strengthened so that they could respond to criminal activity more effectively and offer greater protection to the Haitian people.

In light of the forthcoming climate conference COP26, I would like to emphasize Haiti’s extreme vulnerability to climate change. A wide range of initiatives and partnerships are required to strengthen the country’s resilience in a changing climate. As climate-related security risks affect women and children particularly, measures need to be taken in order to protect the most vulnerable groups.

Mr President,

Finally, I would like to reiterate Estonia´s strong support to the activities of BINUH. It is important that the UN and the international community stay committed and continue to support Haiti and its people. We believe that joint efforts by all stakeholders can bring stability and sustainable development for the country.

Thank you!