Statement by Ambassador Sven Jürgenson at UN Security Council briefing on MINUSCA

I thank Special Representative Ndiaye for briefing us today on the latest developments in the Central African Republic. I also thank other briefers for their valuable insights and I welcome His Excellency President Touadéra for joining us today.

I would like to begin by welcoming the declaration of the ceasefire by President Touadéra last Friday. This positive momentum gives impetus for prospects of peace and stability in the country. In appreciating this moment we, however, remain concerned over the number of human rights violations and abuses in the Central African Republic. The reported cases on the excessive use of force, indiscriminate killings of civilians, conflict-related sexual violence against women and children well describe the severity of the situation on the ground. We strongly condemn these violations, committed by all perpetrators, including armed groups, national armed forces and their Russian partners.

In this connection, we hope that the Panel of Experts on the Central African Republic will be soon fully operational to continue their valuable work in assisting the Security Council on the implementation of the sanctions measures.

Next, we take this opportunity to commend the good offices of MINUSCA in ensuring protection of the civilians and their support for the peace process.

It is regrettable that the MINUSCA peacekeepers and the United Nations personnel in carrying out their mandate are subjected to hate speech, restrictions to freedom of movement and other unacceptable incidents by national forces and their partners, in violation of the Status of Forces Agreement. This, however, significantly impairs the capacity to protect the civilians or respond to their humanitarian needs. Accordingly, we encourage the Government of the CAR in the best interests of their population to facilitate the cooperation with MINUSCA, as well as address the disinformation campaigns targeting the United Nations personnel.

Lastly, we find it important to underline the central role of the Government of the CAR in addressing the accountability and bringing perpetrators to justice. We encourage the Government of the CAR to advance the essential reforms, most importantly on security sector, good governance and the rule of law with full, equal and meaningful participation of women in the political processes.

In conclusion, I thank Special Representative for your tireless efforts and support in contributing to the peace process in the Central African Republic.